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Ashley Grimes, Owner of Grimes Law PLLC

Licensed in the following courts/jurisdictions:

9th Circuit

United States District Court – District of Arizona

Arizona Supreme Court and Lower Courts

Ashley Grimes has chosen to dedicate her practice to innovative areas of law including: Money transmitter licensing, virtual property rights, technology law, and compliance and regulation. Grimes is skilled in working with technology start-ups and technology entities due to her extensive background in technology prior to her becoming a licensed attorney. She prides herself in research and experience which aids her understanding of various concepts when applied in the legal realm. She believes that a great attorney takes time to learn continuously to expand his/her knowledge in any given field because it is impossible to litigate without fully understanding the content that lies under the legal pleadings. She has litigated cases at the Federal level ranging from unfair debt collection practice cases to Federal Trade Commission cases involving lead generation and complex data systems within business structures and intellectual property theft.

Grimes first gained experience in the legal field from a very young age and applied that experience towards her education in law school. She has received the Cali award for Excellence in the field of Workers’ Compensation Law and was an officer of the Law Fraternity known as Phi-Alpha-Delta during her years in law school. She was one of two students selected to work in a paid position over the summer for the legal clinics which included: The Clinic for Human Rights/Immigration/Mediation/Veteran’s Legal Assistance/ and Veteran’s Tax Clinic. Grimes obtained her certification as a Mediator in 2011 and has mediated both simple and multi-party mediations without ever failing to aid parties in reaching a resolution. Grimes’ worked as a Law Clerk for Inter123 Corporation and Mobile.co prior to obtaining her license to practice and was later asked to work as In House Council by CEO and entrepreneur Jeffrey Peterson. Grimes worked with Inter123 Corporation, an investment and technology corporation for just over 2 years. She later accepted a position working In House for Billgo Inc., for purposes of working on various compliance matters. Billgo, Inc. is a technology corporation with a great deal of talent in employees working for the corporation and within the Board and Officers who are involved.

Through out the time Grimes has worked In House, she has continued to expand her law firm’s areas of practice and has handled several cases in various areas of law. Grimes juggles between corporate/technology law and other areas when she comes across a case which she is compelled to take on. The areas of litigation handled include: DUI, Immigration, Workers’ Compensation, Elder Abuse, Wills, Trusts, and Estates, Contract, Fair Debt Collection Act, ADA, Employment, Tort, Defamation, Family Law, Criminal Law, Complex Civil Litigation, Investment, Partnership Agreements, and Securities Regulations.

Grimes strives to serve the underserved and dedicate herself to taking on cases which will really make a difference for the clients she serves. She prides herself in professionalism, a higher moral code, diplomacy, strategic litigation, candor to the court, and commitment to serving the underserved.